About Us

Saturn Media, together with a network of highly talented graphic designers have been actively involved in the in the information design & marketing industry for over 14 years!

In March 2002, SATURN MEDIA was born with one vision:
That each and every client who seeks our services, no matter how big or small, only deserves the best and that all our designs always communicate that company’s name, product or service, status and the personality of its brand, ultimately to be the leader who takes information design to a new dimension.

As an experienced creative team with passion for designing, our intention with each design is to solve a problem - a non-verbal communication problem. Distinctive branding associates a product or service with status. That status must be supported by good design.

Specializing in branding and information design we have proven our market capability through and through.

Different disciplines apply to the use of a design. With our experience, creativity and flair, we can offer our clients the full design spectrum. We fully understand and anticipate the uses to which our designs will be put.

We are firm believers of teamwork. We do not work for a client - we work with a client.

We continually keep abreast of the latest advances in information design and branding, thereby providing our client with the latest and most up to date techniques as they relate to his industry.

Finally to become an active member of our client’s sales team, working as an information design manager whose responsibilities are to increase brand awareness and sales. Furthermore, to deliver concise, interesting, appealing media and promotional material and to enhance the promotion appeal of the company and finally to establish a powerful market base.

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